The KapustIN Project

Svetoslav Todorov
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The KapustIN Project

The #KapustIN Project is my debut video which I dedicated to the Queen’s 90th Birthday.

It was released on 30th June – the month of the Birthday celebrations and the historic Brexit referendum. The Project is a combination of my ‘God Save The Queen’ improvisation and Nikolai Kapustin’s Pastoral Concert Etude. In order to make it smooth and sounding differently, I added bass and drums sections influenced and mentored by the Royal Opera House leader Vasko Vassilev, the violinist Nigel Kennedy, and my piano professors Dina Parakhina and Mike Moran.

I started planning this project since the beginning of 2016 and feel so honored to have received some strong support by a group of very passionate people for releasing the final sound and video product.

As a patron of my school – the Royal College of Music, and many different nations, The Queen is a symbol of unity. Unity is what is needed now after the historic Brexit referendum. As a Bulgarian and European, I would like to share that I respect the British people I have always been perceiving them as part of the European Society.

Kapustin cover

July 13, 2016